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What is the view of some Muslims towards globalization, based on the text?

They view it as a Trojan horse for Western values

According to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, what is the stance on secular ideologies compared to Islamic rule?

Islamic rule is superior to secular ideologies

How do religious forces, other than militant Islam, perceive their ability to challenge the globalizing status quo?

They see themselves as powerless to fight against globalization

How does the World Council of Churches aim to hold themselves accountable regarding economic globalization?

By condemning economic globalization policies

What concept is often referred to as secularization theory?

The erosion of religious practice due to modernization

How did Calvinism view salvation according to the text?

God had already decided who would be saved

How did Samuel Huntington suggest that civilizations can be held together?

Via religious worldviews

Which group used religion as an 'ideological armature' to legitimize the Spanish empire?

Jesuits and Dominicans

What is the main difference between Religion and Globalism based on the text?

Religion is concerned with the sacred, while Globalism is preoccupied with material gain.

In what way does religious evangelism relate to globalization according to the text?

Religious evangelism is a form of globalization, while globalists focus on material gain.

How do religious individuals view identities connected with globalism, such as citizenship, language, and race?

Religious individuals see these identities as inferior compared to their religious groups.

What does Peter Berger argue regarding religion and secularization in the contemporary world?

Far from being secularized, the contemporary world is vigorously religious according to Peter Berger.

Test your knowledge on the role of religion in the political systems of countries like Malaysia and Iran, as well as its impact on globalization and modern communication. Explore the perspectives of leaders like Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and the concept of religious fundamentalism.

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