Regional Planning & Development Part 1: Concept of Region

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What is the primary concept in Myrdal’s Theory of Cumulative Causation?

What is the main focus of the Export Base Model in regional planning?

In the context of regional planning, what is the significance of Town and Country Planning?

What is the primary objective of River Valley Planning in regional development?

Which concept refers to the theory that certain cities act as drivers for economic growth and development in their surrounding areas?

How does Regionalization in India contribute to regional planning?

What does the term 'region' refer to in the context of spatial dimension?

Which term can be used to describe a neighborhood based on the given information?

How is the purpose of the concept of 'region' limited?

According to the given information, what defines an area as a 'region' in the geographic sense?

How are regions differentiated according to the given information?

What constitutes a region according to the information provided?

Which term describes a 'generic region' based on the given information?

What is the primary purpose of using the concept of 'region'?

According to the given information, what differentiates 'physiographic regions'?


Test your understanding of the concept and meaning of region in the context of regional planning and development. This quiz covers functional and formal regions, techniques of regional delimitation, and classification.

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