Reference Group Influence on Consumption Process

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What are two consumption situation characteristics that affect the degree of reference group influence, as mentioned in the text?

Visibility of consumption and product quality

What factor affects the strength of reference group influence when purchasing a product that is considered less of a necessity?

Level of confidence in the purchase situation

Which factor influences an individual's conformity to a group's norms concerning a specific activity?

Commitment to the group

What is the main guiding principle for effective social media marketing according to the text?

To be transparent

In the context of reference group influence, which form occurs when an individual uses the behaviors and opinions of reference group members as potentially useful bits of information?

Informative influence

What characterizes normative influence in the consumption process as described in the text?

Avoiding sanctions by adhering to group norms

In consumer behavior, what is a reference group?

A group whose perspectives are used as a guide for an individual's behavior

What characterizes primary groups in consumer behavior?

Strong ties like those within family and friends

Which type of reference group influences consumer behavior through a desirability to belong?

Aspiration reference groups

How does a dissociative reference group impact consumer behavior?

By influencing behavior negatively despite lacking desirability

This quiz discusses the degree of reference group influence on the consumption process based on different consumption situation characteristics. It explores how visiblility of product or brand usage to a group and the necessity level of the product impact reference group influence.

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