Reducing Water Consumption and Single-Use Plastic Management Quiz

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What does sustainability aim to achieve?

Meeting the needs of present and future generations without depletion of resources

Which term refers to withdrawing resources from nature?

Resource extraction

What is the main purpose of composting?

Producing natural fertilizer from biodegradable waste

Which practice helps in reducing ocean acidification?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

What is the main characteristic of modular products?

They can be upgraded and repaired

Which method refers to converting waste into new materials or objects?


How does conscious consumption differ from regular consumption?

It has a positive social or environmental impact

What is the primary objective of sub-irrigation in gardening?

To supply water underground to plants efficiently

How does landfill contribute to waste disposal?

By burying waste material

What is the impact of sustainable energy use?

Promotion of energy conservation

Explore solutions for reducing water consumption in the UAE and managing single-use plastic waste effectively. Test your knowledge on options like using ground water, water desalination, planting exotic plants, sustainable irrigation practices, sending plastic waste to landfills, recycling, and using biodegradable items.

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