Grammar, Active/Passive Voice, and Punctuation

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Which of the following is a key benefit of writing in active voice?

Making the message clearer to readers

What is the primary difference between active and passive voice?

In active voice, the subject performs the activity, while in passive voice, the act is performed on the subject

Why is it important to have subjects, verbs, and objects in a sentence?

It is an essential part of forming a complete sentence

What punctuation marks are used to begin and conclude sentences?

Period, question mark, or exclamation point are used to conclude sentences; capital letters are used to begin sentences

What is one of the primary uses for apostrophes?

To indicate possession or contractions

How can too much use of passive voice affect the quality of content?

It reduces the quality of the content

What does the apostrophe and the letter 's' indicate in the sentence 'John's dog ran out the gate'?

The possessive form of John

When should the words 'a' and 'an' be used?

'A' is used before words starting with a consonant, while 'an' is used before words starting with a vowel

What does the full stop (.) indicate in a sentence?

The end of a sentence

What are apostrophes used for?

Showing possession and indicating contractions

When should a semicolon (;) be used?

To create a smoother transition between joined sentences

What is the function of the words 'The,' 'An,' and 'A'?

To distinguish and describe nouns

Which punctuation mark is used after transitional phrases, before conjunctions, and to separate items in a list?

, (Comma)

What does the ellipsis (.) represent?

A pause or omission of words

What should be capitalized according to the text?

Pronouns, names of people and places, job titles, titles, headings, and subheadings

What do colons (:) indicate?

A list follows

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