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What is the purpose of Graphic Organizers?

To visualize and organize information

Which of the following is NOT an example of a Graphic Organizer?

Pie chart

What is the benefit of using a Venn diagram as a Graphic Organizer?

It allows you to compare and contrast different ideas

When using Graphic Organizers, what should students do to increase reading comprehension?

Construct ideas and organize information

Why are Graphic Organizers often used as prompts for students?

To help students plan their writing and increase comprehension

What is one of the methods mentioned for brainstorming?

Creating an Idea Map

In brainstorming, what does creating an Idea List involve?

Listing ideas about a topic

Why is making an idea map considered more structured than creating an Idea List?

It shows how one idea subordinates another

Which of the following is NOT an example of an effect of the pandemic mentioned in the text?

Increased social gatherings

In the text, what is one reason given for creating an Idea List?

To help find the main idea and supporting details

Test your knowledge on the concepts of text, discourse, and techniques in selecting and organizing information. Challenge yourself with a 'Gimme Five' exercise related to prioritizing items during emergency situations.

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