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What percentage of NAR members get 6% to 10% of their business from social media?


Which social media platform is NOT mentioned as one where real estate agents should have profiles?


What type of advertising is suggested for real estate agents on social media?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

What does a social media management software help with in relation to social media accounts?

Scheduling updates in advance

How often do real estate agents using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising pay for their ads?

Every time a person clicks on the ad

What is a simple way to acquire leads in real estate?

Buy leads from a lead generation company

Why is engaging with the community important for real estate agents?

To build relationships and increase visibility

What additional services do some lead generation companies offer real estate agents?

Automated appointment scheduling

How can real estate agents increase their chances of being remembered by potential clients?

Engage in genuine outreach efforts

What is a key benefit of building relationships with people in specific neighborhoods?

Increased visibility and potential client base

What is one way for real estate agents to engage with local businesses?

Donate gift baskets

What percentage of people who used a real estate agent found them through family or friends?


Why is it suggested to offer a small financial incentive to clients?

To motivate clients to bring successful referrals and leave reviews

What is the most common type of real estate website mentioned in the text?

IDX website

How many real estate sales agents have their own website according to the text?


What does specializing in a niche as a real estate agent help with?

Attracting more clients

What is suggested as a valuable way to track down leads in real estate according to the text?

Cold calling

Why are open houses considered valuable for real estate agents?

To network with potential buyers

What percentage of NAR members get 1% to 5% of their business from social media?


In social media advertising, what type of advertising displays your ad content to targeted users based on their search behavior or demographics?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

What is one way to ensure smooth operation of social media accounts without taking time away from clients?

Using a social media management software

How can new realtors get clients?

By canvassing their local neighborhood

How can new realtors make themselves stand out?

By offering free services like professional photography

What is one way to increase the visibility of a realtor's website?

Getting quoted in news articles

What is the benefit of joining a real estate referral network?

Access to referrals from professionals in related fields

Why is it important for new realtors to offer free services?

To make sellers more willing to partner with them

What role does Help a Reporter Out (HARO) play in real estate marketing?

Connecting journalists with expert sources

What can contribute to a new realtor's reputation as an expert in the field?

Contributing to news articles as a source

Why should new real estate agents consider joining a Real Estate Referral Network?

To have other professionals recommend them to clients.

What is one way new realtors can get potential clients' contact information?

By requesting visitors to sign in on a sheet at properties.

What is a recommended strategy for new realtors to build up their client base?

Advertising themselves both online and in their local community.

Test your knowledge on using social media as a tool for attracting clients in real estate. Learn how to effectively leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase listings, services, and success stories. Explore strategies such as pay-per-click advertising to expand your client base.

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