Real Estate Licensee Appeals and Property Rights Quiz

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Within how many days of being served notice of an adverse ruling by the commission may a licensee appeal the decision?

30 days

In the scenario described, what type of easement does Susan have over Joe's driveway?

Easement appurtenant

To obtain a permanent license, how many post-license hours must a licensee complete within one year after being issued the temporary license?

60 hours

What is the correct timeframe within which a licensee must appeal an adverse ruling by the commission?

30 days

In real estate terms, what does Joe's property represent in relation to Susan's easement appurtenant?

the servient tenement

How many post-license hours must a licensee complete within one year for a permanent license?

30 hours

Which of the following is NOT subject to real property ownership rights?

navigable rivers running through the land

Test your knowledge on real estate licensee appeals, property rights, and licensing requirements. Questions cover topics such as appealing adverse rulings, easement appurtenant, and post-license hours.

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