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What is the purpose of note making?

To recognize main ideas and important details

Which strategy involves reading titles, subtitles, and opening/closing paragraphs first?


What is the main purpose of mapping?

To provide a visual representation of relationships between concepts

When is skimming most useful?

For a preliminary familiarity with lengthy or difficult material

Which strategy is best suited for looking up specific names or dates quickly?


What is a key aspect of effective note making?

Reading actively with an inquiring mind

What are the three levels of comprehension mentioned in the text?

Literal, Interpretative, Applied

Which level of comprehension requires activities like drawing inferences and reading between the lines?


What is the focus of the Interpretative level of comprehension?

Reading between the lines

What is NOT a task associated with the Applied level of comprehension?

Drawing inferences

What does the Literal level of comprehension involve?

Identifying important information

Which level of comprehension combines understanding from both Literal and Interpretative levels?


What is the term used to describe 'knowing about knowing' in the context of reading comprehension?


What do good readers focus on while reading, according to the text?

Details to assimilate into a larger cognitive pattern

What method is suggested for reading complex essays, technical reports, and legal contracts?

Previewing and identifying inference

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a step in learning to improve reading comprehension?

Watching videos instead of reading

What is the term used for the practice of making marginal notes and underlining while reading?


Which term describes the process of reading to evaluate logic and the writer's craft?

Analytical reading

Test your knowledge on reading modes and strategies including skimming, general reading, and study reading. Learn about different reading techniques for different purposes.

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