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What is the condition of the protagonist's coat?

What is the protagonist carrying on his back?

How does the protagonist feel about the road he is walking on?

Which hand is the protagonist's bundle tied to?

What is the condition of the cotton cloth wrapped around the protagonist's bundle?

What is the rhythm of the protagonist's steps?

Is the protagonist walking on a dusty road?

Is the protagonist's coat torn and worn out?

Is the cotton cloth wrapped around the bundle printed with red flowers that have now faded out?

But the protagonist seemed ______ of the hardness and apparent animosity of the road

The protagonist's bundle was tied to his slightly ______ back

The protagonist's cotton cloth was printed with ______ flowers that had now faded out

What does the protagonist hope to see on the road?

What does the protagonist's left hand do while he is walking?

What is the condition of the string tied to the protagonist's bundle?


Test your reading comprehension skills with this quiz on a descriptive passage about a man on a long and challenging road. Can you remember the details and understand the deeper meaning behind the words? Find out with this quiz.

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