Reading Comprehension: M. Hamel's Last Lesson

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What was the state of the classroom when the narrator arrived late?

Confused and disturbed

Who called out to the narrator as he hurried to school?

The blacksmith, Wachter

What did M.Hamel have under his arm as he walked up and down?

His terrible iron ruler

What did M.Hamel say to little Franz when he entered the classroom late?

Go to your place quickly, little Franz. We were beginning without you.

What color was M.Hamel's coat that he was wearing that day?


How did the classroom usually sound when school began?

There was a great bustle, opening and closing of desks, loud lessons repeated in unison, and the teacher's ruler rapping on the table.

How did the narrator feel when he realized the classroom was so quiet?

Blushed and frightened

What did the narrator see through the window when he arrived late?

His classmates already in their places and M.Hamel walking up and down.

Test your reading comprehension skills with an excerpt from 'M. Hamel's Last Lesson', where a student reflects on a moment of confusion and disturbance on the way to school. Answer questions to demonstrate understanding of the text.

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