Reading Comprehension: Girl in Dubai

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What technique did Noura use to manage her stress effectively?

Deep breathing and mindfulness exercises

How did Noura overcome societal expectations surrounding body image?

By surrounding herself with positive influences and celebrating her uniqueness

What was one of the biggest challenges Noura faced on her health journey?

Dealing with societal pressure and unrealistic beauty standards

What did Noura's friends and family do as a result of being inspired by her dedication?

Made positive changes in their own lives

What did Noura learn about health through her journey?

Health involves dedication and self-care as a lifelong pursuit

What is the main challenge Noura faced as she grew older?

Navigating her health in a rapidly changing world

How did Noura educate herself about nutrition?

With the help of her mother, a nutritionist

What was one of the small changes Noura made in her diet to feel more energized?

Incorporating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

Which activity did Noura not explore as part of her exercise routine?


How did Noura take control of her well-being?

By educating herself and making healthy lifestyle changes

Test your understanding of an extended text about a young girl named Noura living in Dubai and facing health challenges in a changing world. Explore questions related to the overall meaning of the text and concrete topics discussed.

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