Radiographic Positioning Procedures I- Finals and Radiologic Skull

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Which bone contains the crista galli and superior nasal conchae?

Ethmoid bone

What is the function of the crista galli?

Serves as the anterior attachment for the falx cerebri

Where is the sella turcica located?

Sphenoid bone

Which bone forms part of the roof of the nasal cavity and the greater part of the anterior cranial fossa?

Frontal bone

Where are the supraorbital foramen located?

Frontal bone

Which bone consists of two lesser wings, two greater wings, and two pterygoid processes?

Sphenoid bone

What is the location of the crista galli?

Anterior attachment for the falx cerebri

Which bones have convex external surfaces and concave internal surfaces?

Parietal bones

What is located in the center of the supraorbital margin of the frontal bone?

Supraorbital foramen

Which bone has a vertical plate and a horizontal plate?

Ethmoid bone

What is the purpose of the cranial bones?

Supporting the brain and protecting it

Which joint is found between the frontal and parietal bones?

Coronal suture

Where is the lambdoidal suture located?

Between the occipital bone and the parietal bones

What is the function of the sphenoidal fontanel?

Aiding in skull flexibility during birth

Which area of incomplete ossification is located at the point labeled lambda?

Posterior fontanel

In what part of the cranium are the ethmoid and sphenoid bones located?


What landmark is described as the smooth elevation between the superciliary ridges?


Which bone articulates with the right and left parietals, sphenoid, and ethmoid bones of the cranium?

Frontal bone articulation

What are ASTERION and BREGMA junctions of in relation to cranial bones?

They refer to landmarks on specific cranial bones

This quiz covers the radiographic positioning procedures for finals and the radiologic skull, including the separate bones, cranial and facial bone groups, cranium development, and fibrous joints called sutures.

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