Quotes from 'Self-Reliance' for Students

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What does Emerson suggest about trusting oneself?

It is important for success

What does Emerson imply about nonconformity?

It is necessary for greatness

What is considered sacred?

The integrity of one's own mind

What does Emerson advise against?

Imitating others

What is suggested as the most important concern according to the text?

Personal integrity

What does Emerson imply about each individual's unique gift?

It is the result of a whole life's cultivation

What is the key distinction made in the text?

Between greatness and meanness

What does Emerson suggest about adopting the talent of another?

It only provides half possession

According to Emerson, what must one do in intellectual life?

Absolve to oneself

What does Emerson imply about the divine providence?

One should accept the place it has found for them

Explore resonant extracts from Ralph Waldo Emerson's 'Self-Reliance' that are particularly relevant for students. Reflect on the themes of self-trust, divine providence, societal connection, and the influence of great men.

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