Learning Kanji in Japanese

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What is the main writing system used in Japanese?

What is the name of the 1,945 jouyo kanji?

What is the main advantage of learning kanji?

What is the difference between kanji and Chinese characters?

What is the reason why the Korean alphabet was not adopted by Japanese?


  • To read Japanese, you will need to learn Chinese characters called kanji.
  • Kanji is used to write most words in Japanese.
  • There are two different readings for every kanji, 音読み and 訓読み.
  • Certain kanji have more than one reading.
  • To learn how to read kanji, you will need to learn how to read Chinese and memorize the stroke order diagrams for the 1,945 jouyo kanji.
  • To learn kanji more quickly, you can copy and paste kanji from the WWWJDIC into your own document and practice reading them aloud.
  • Kanji is a system of symbols used in Japanese to write words.
  • Kanji is used in place of the Chinese character system and is more complex.
  • Kanji is used in a variety of ways, including in place of Chinese characters, to write words.
  • Kanji is a system that is difficult to learn at first, but it becomes easier with time.
  • There are a few different types of readings for kanji and these can change depending on the context.
  • There are some perks to learning kanji, such as the ability to write Japanese more easily.
  • Kanji is not a character in and of itself, but is instead made up of smaller symbols.
  • Korean has adopted its own alphabet to greatly simplify their written language to great success.
  • However, this did not work well for Japanese because the visual cues are not distinct and spaces are needed to remove ambiguities.
  • Kanji is a key component of Japanese writing and without it, the text would be much more difficult to read.


Test your knowledge about the use and learning process of kanji, the Chinese characters used in Japanese writing. Explore different readings, the number of characters, and techniques for efficient learning.

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