PUPCET Practice Test: Language Proficiency Section 1

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What does the British Labour Party oppose?

Privatization of state holdings

Which word best completes the sentence 'Just like National Bookstore, Barnes & Noble sells _____ and writing tools'?


What did Alexei do over the vast Siberian expanse more than once?


Who did Erik's dad give UAAP season tickets to?


Who already ate the cookies by the time they got home?


Which word describes what students in Cambridge University’s Trinity College are tipped to become in the future?


Why do students prefer the Ateneo over other private colleges and universities?

More than

Who emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Union with his reputation intact?


What is a synonym for 'faux pas'?


Which of the following sentences contains an error?

In November 29, 1890, the Imperial Japanese Diet convened for the first time.

Which sentence is error-free?

Ateneo’s rank of 307 in the 2010 QS University rankings is far ahead of La Salle, ranked 451.

Which sentence has an error in subject-verb agreement?

Akihiro tried to acquire as many of the valuable and groundbreaking knowledge as he can from the lecture.

Which sentence contains an error in punctuation?

In the 1990’s, the People’s Republic of China grew economically, territorially, and culturally.

Which sentence has an error in verb tense?

Xabi Alonso’s shot was wide off the mark and the goalkeeper Casillias did not have to make a save.

In which sentence does the underlined portion contain an error?

Akihiro tried to acquire as many of the valuable and groundbreaking knowledge as he can from the lecture.

Test your language proficiency skills with this practice test for the PUPCET. Identify errors in sentences and demonstrate your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and language usage. This test includes a variety of questions to challenge your language abilities.

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