Public Health Administration E-Book 1

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Public Health Administration e book 1 was prepared by Prof. Gehan Mohamed Ahmed Moustafa, Prof. Eman Salman Mohamed Salman, Prof. Lamia Ismail Zaki Keshk, Assist Prof. Waffaa Elsyed Hassnan Helal, Dr. Noha Hussien Yassen Hussien, Dr. Samia Gamal Mohamed El Sagheer, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Aly Hasaballah, Dr. Hossam Ali Ismail El Saiad, Dr. Hasan Ahmed Awad Basiony, and Dr. Aliaa Ezz Eldin Abd Elmoaty Anter.

The content of the e book includes a page on 'Managing equipment' at page 101.

The faculty of Nursing is from Helwan University.

The e book was prepared for the academic year 2023 - 2024.

The e book covers topics such as 'Introduction to Public health administration' and 'Planning Health Activities'.


Get insights into public health administration from this e-book authored by a team of distinguished professors and lecturers in nursing administration.

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