Psychology: Conformity to Social Roles Study by Zimbardo

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What is the main motivation behind Informational Social Influence?

To have the right answer in a situation

Which scenario best exemplifies Normative Social Influence?

A person decides not to voice their disagreement to avoid confrontation.

What did participants in Fein et al.'s study demonstrate?

The impact of informational social influence on conformity.

When does Normative Social Influence typically occur?

When a person wants to avoid disagreement with the majority.

What is a potential issue with the study's population validity?

Sampling participants from only one gender

Why is the study said to lack temporal validity?

Influence of the social context of the 1950s

Which ethical issue was present in this study related to participants' informed consent?

Misleading participants about the study's true nature

Why is a cost-benefit analysis required for ethical issues mentioned in the study?

To evaluate if ethical costs outweigh knowledge benefits

What was the aim of Zimbardo's study?

To investigate how social roles impact behavior

How did Zimbardo ensure complete power over the prisoners in his study?

By allowing the guards to control the prisoners' behavior

What props were given to the guards in Zimbardo's study?

Handcuffs and sunglasses

Why were participants either assigned the role of guard or prisoner in Zimbardo's study?

To investigate how social roles influence behavior

What factor influences obedience by giving an authority figure a higher status and legitimacy?

Lab coat

Where was Milgram's study conducted, leading to higher obedience due to the prestigious nature of the location?

American university (Yale)

Why is proximity to the authority figure mentioned as a factor influencing obedience?

It increases pressure to obey

Which type of location is more likely to demand obedience from participants and increase trust in researchers?

Prestigious university

What is the main cause of social change according to the text?

Utilizing minority influence

What are the key characteristics of a minority group aiming to drive social change?

Consistency, commitment, and flexibility

Why does the text suggest that findings on social influence processes are likely to lack ecological validity?

Constraints on generalization due to limited extent

What triggers a snowball effect leading to the adoption of a new idea by the majority?

Rate of conversion higher than previous majority view

Explore Zimbardo's study on conformity to social roles, where American male undergraduate students were investigated on their willingness to conform in a simulated prison environment. Learn about the aim to understand why 'good people do bad things' and the specific procedures followed in the study.

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