PSYCH 217 Professor Ackerman: What is Development?

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What is the definition of development according to the text?

Changes that occur between conception and death

Which of the following domains are included in development?

Physical, cognitive, psychosocial

What are age norms associated with?

Socially defined age groups

What does nature refer to in development?

Maturation and genetic information

Which term describes the ability to adapt your brain to new connections?


What is the implication of developmental plasticity as discussed in the text?

Development is a life-long process

Which learning theory emphasizes the study of behavior as the main focus of psychology?

Classical Conditioning

Which psychologist is known for introducing the concept of operant conditioning?

B.F. Skinner

What type of reinforcement involves adding or giving something to increase the likelihood of a behavior?

Positive reinforcement

Which psychologist conducted the Bo Bo doll experiment as an illustration of social learning?

Albert Bandura

In operant conditioning, what is defined as taking away something to decrease the likelihood of a behavior?

Negative punishment

Which psychologist's theory relies heavily on the concept of the unconscious mind?

Sigmund Freud

Explore the concept of development as systematic changes and continuities in individuals from conception to death. Learn about the three domains of development - physical, cognitive, and psychosocial, and the age grades and norms associated with each.

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