PSYC110-NURS105 Lecture 6 Behavior in Social and Cultural Context

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What are social norms?

What do social psychologists study the influence of?

What do cultural psychologists study the influence of?

What makes interactions with other people predictable and orderly?

What are the requirements of a social role?

What are cultural rules governing correct conversational distance an example of?

In Stanley Milgram's obedience study, what did most people in the role of 'teacher' do?

What did Stanley Milgram conclude about obedience in his study?

According to Milgram's study, what influences obedience and a willingness to inflict pain on others?

What did college students tend to do in Zimbardo's Stanford prison study?

What happened to most of the prisoners in Zimbardo's Stanford prison study?

Why did Zimbardo end the Stanford prison study after only 6 days?

What did the social situation exert on individuals' behavior in Zimbardo's Stanford prison study?

Which psychologist wanted to know how many people would obey an authority figure when directly ordered to violate their ethical standards?

'Milgram’s original shock machine looked pretty ominous' - What does the word 'ominous' most likely mean in this context?


Test your understanding of social and cultural influences on behavior with this quiz based on the lecture content of PSYC110-NURS105 Lecture 6. Explore concepts such as social norms, roles, and rules as they relate to interactions with others.

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