Pseudocode Common Words and Conditional Statements

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What is an algorithm?

A step-by-step solution to a given problem

Which property is NOT attributed to an algorithm?

Creativity - the steps involve creativity

What is the Linear Sequence in an algorithm?

A set of tasks or statements that follow one after the other

Which construct in an algorithm is used for decision-making?

Conditional (IF-THEN-ELSE)

What does 'Effective computability' mean in relation to an algorithm?

Each step can be carried out by a computer

In sequential programming, what type of progression of statements occurs?

Linear progression

What is the pseudocode keyword used to read input?


In a conditional statement, what happens if the result of the test is False?

Sequence 2 is executed

What is the main difference between a WHILE loop and a FOR loop?

A WHILE loop executes a sequence a specific number of times, while a FOR loop executes based on a condition.

In pseudocode, what keyword is used to signify initializing a variable?


What is the purpose of the 'ELSE' part in a conditional statement?

To execute sequence 2 when the condition is True

When should you use a WHILE loop?

When the number of iterations is not known beforehand

Which loop construct in pseudocode specifies the beginning and end of the iteration?


What is a function in programming?

A body of code with specific functionality

What is the purpose of indenting pseudocode?

To make the code visually structured and clear

When should functions be defined?

Before they are invoked

What does pseudocode represent?

A way to write code in plain English

What do program statements in pseudocode typically perform?

One action per statement

What is the function of software in a computer system?

Process data

Which component of a computer system performs calculations and comparisons?


What is the sequence of steps involved in the program development cycle?

Plan, code, compile, test

What is the purpose of a compiler or interpreter in programming?

Translate program into machine language

Which type of memory is lost when the power is turned off in a computer system?


What are logic errors in a computer program?

Errors in program logic producing incorrect output

What is the purpose of desk-checking in programming?

'Walking through' program logic on paper

What does an algorithm represent in programming?

Sequence of steps or rules to solve a problem

Programming involves which of the following tasks?

Writing software instructions

What is the purpose of putting a program into production?

Move the program from testing to daily usage

What type of symbol is used to represent input operations in flowcharts?


Which programming paradigm focuses on procedures that programmers create?

Procedural programming

What is the purpose of a decision symbol in a flowchart?

To show decision-making points

In pseudocode, what does 'stop' symbolize?

The end of a program

Which type of program error is more challenging to identify: logical errors or syntax errors?

Logical errors

What does an integrated development environment (IDE) provide to programmers?

An editor, compiler, and other programming tools

Which aspect of newer programming languages makes them easier to use compared to older languages?

Greater similarity to natural language

What shape is commonly used for terminal symbols in flowcharts?

'Lozenge' shape

In programming environments, what does a text editor allow users to create?

'Text' files

What do graphical user interfaces (GUI) provide users when interacting with a program?

Interaction through a graphical environment

Test your knowledge on common words and actions used in pseudocode such as reading, printing, computing, initializing, incrementing, and decrementing. Also, explore conditional statements and how they work based on Boolean results.

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