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What is the purpose of the 'game loop' in a game application?

To handle user input, game logic, and reflect the result on screen

Why is it important to release all data loaded inside the game loop before exiting it?

To prevent memory leaks and ensure application stability

In a game application, what is the role of the 'game state manager'?

To manage the different states of the game and transitions between them

How do function pointers play a role in managing game logic in the context of a game engine?

They help in defining and executing different game behaviors dynamically

What is the purpose of calling 'Update()' in the game state manager?

To update the game logic for the current game state

In the provided pseudocode, what action is taken if the next game state is equal to the current game state?

The 'Start()' function is called for the current game state

Why is it important to call 'Unload()' for the current game state if the next game state is not equal to RESTART?

To clear any memory associated with the previous game state

What happens after all system components have been initialized according to the pseudocode?

The 'Init()' function is called for the current game state

What is the purpose of the game loop in a game application?

To continuously execute the game logic until the user quits the application

Why is it important to reset the frame rate controller in the game loop?

To ensure that the graphics are rendered at a constant speed

In the context of game states, what triggers a state switch in a game?

Completing a level

Why is special care taken not to unload/reload data when a game state is restarted?

To maintain consistent gameplay experience without reloading the same data

In the context of decision trees, what does each terminal node represent?

A state

What programming concept is used to determine actions in a decision tree?


How are decisions made in random decision trees?


What is the purpose of a state machine manager in game development?

To keep track of possible states and record the current state

In the context of Finite State Machines (FSM), what happens when the transition from one state to another is triggered?

The new state is created

Which programming concept is commonly utilized in debugging state machines to identify issues?


In the context of decision trees, what is the purpose of checking if the enemy is audible?

To assess additional information about the enemy's location

When using Finite State Machines (FSM) with Hierarchical State Machines, what is a common disadvantage or challenge that developers might face?

Difficulty in debugging due to complex state transitions

For decision making in a game character, what does 'External Knowledge' typically refer to?

Information about the character's physical surroundings

What is the purpose of the transition in a state machine?

To report the condition to the state machine manager

In a state machine manager, what function is called at each iteration to check for state transitions?


Why is it important not to assign a high priority to a transition that is a subset of another transition's condition?

It causes conflicts in state transitions

In the context of state machines, why are hierarchical state machines considered difficult to coordinate using hard-coded FSMs?

They have multiple levels of state nesting

What is a common con of using FSM with Macros?

Difficulty in maintaining the code

What is a key pro of using FSM Scripting Language for AI behavior in games?

Provides improved structure and consistency

Why are Finite State Machines (FSMs) considered fast to implement?

As they represent a series of states and transitions simply

Pros of using Hierarchical State Machines include:

Clear decision trees

Cons of using Hard-Coded FSMs include:

Challenges in maintenance for large state machines

In the context of FSM, what does 'OnUpdate' typically refer to?

Function called every loop iteration

Why might debugging be more challenging in FSMs with Macros than traditional FSM implementations?

Macros introduce conditional logic complexities

What is a notable contrast between FSM and Hierarchical State Machines?

HSMs are easier to implement but harder to maintain

Test your knowledge of pseudo code for initializing system components, frame rate control, and game state management. Evaluate your understanding of the loop structure and conditional statements in this pseudo code snippet.

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