Protozoa Diversity: Characteristics and Importance

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What evolutionary mechanism does natural selection act on?


Which process can introduce new genetic variation into a population?

Gene flow

In which type of populations can genetic drift lead to significant evolutionary changes?

Small populations

What equation is used to calculate allele and genotype frequencies within a population?


In Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what value must the sum of p^2, 2pq, and q^2 equal to?


Which group of protists is characterized by having flagella for locomotion?

Diatoms (Supergroup: Stramenopila)

Which protist is classified under the Supergroup Alveolata and primarily exhibits photosynthetic nutrition?


Which protist is characterized by having an eyespot for light detection and derived its chloroplasts from green algae?


Which group of protists exhibits bioluminescence and is commonly associated with causing red tides?


Which protist demonstrates a mixotrophic nutritional strategy and possesses a 'mouth' structure called the oral groove for ingesting food?


What is one of the important roles lichens play in an ecosystem?

Initiating soil formation

Which body form of lichens cannot be removed without damaging the substrate they grow on?

Crustose (Crusty Lichens)

What is the main method of reproduction for Glomeromycota fungi?

Asexual through large multinucleate spores

Why are arbuscular mycorrhizae structures important in the relationship between Glomeromycota fungi and plants?

Nutrient exchange occurs in the arbuscules within plant root cells

Which characteristic sets fungi apart from plants in terms of cell walls composition?

Fungi have cell walls made of chitin, while plants have cellulose walls

What is the primary method of reproduction for lichens?

Sexual reproduction through the dispersion of soredia

What is the primary function of the fungus in the mutualistic relationship within lichens?

Offer structure, protection, and moisture

Which best describes the role of lichens as environmental indicators?

Being sensitive to air pollution

How do some lichens reproduce sexually?

Producing spores through the fungal partner

Which characteristic makes lichens particularly valuable in the context of ecological roles?

Their sensitivity to changes in air quality

Which of the following is NOT one of the five conditions a population must meet to be in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?


In the context of genetic disorders, what is the term for individuals with one sickle cell allele and one normal allele?

Heterozygous for sickle cell allele

What is the genetic material arrangement in prokaryotic cells?

Located in a nucleoid

What is the main function of the cell wall in prokaryotic cells?

Maintaining cell shape and providing protection

Which term refers to individuals with two normal alleles in the context of sickle cell disease?

Homozygous dominant

Which group of organisms is characterized by flagellated, photosynthetic behavior in light and heterotrophic behavior in darkness?


What trait is common among all organisms belonging to Opisthokonta?

Shared ancestry

Which protozoan is known for causing sleeping sickness in humans?


Which organism is famous for its pseudopodial movement and phagocytosis of food?


Why are choanoflagellates significant in understanding the evolution of multicellular animals?

Their similarity to sponge cells hints at early animal evolution

Which of the following statements about kelp is false?

Kelp is a parasitic organism.

What is the main locomotion method of Plasmodium in its adult stage?

It is non-motile

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Diatoms?

Known for bioluminescence

What is the main nutritional mode of Ciliates like Paramecium?


Nemalion is often found in marine environments and exhibits a bushy appearance due to its _______ structure.


Which of the following organisms is commonly known for causing red tides?


What is a distinguishing feature of Spirulina among the mentioned organisms?

Characterized by spiral chloroplasts

What ecological role do Chromalveolata organisms like Brown Algae play?

Acting as primary producers in aquatic environments

What type of habitat adaptation do Ciliates like Paramecium exhibit for movement and feeding?

Cilia for movement

Explore the diverse world of protozoa including Stentor, Apicomplexans Plasmodium, Rhizaria Foraminifera Globigerina, Euglena, and Trypanosoma. Learn about their unique characteristics and ecological importance.

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