Protist Life Cycle Diversity

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What is a defining feature of mixotrophs?

Can switch between photoautotrophy and heterotrophy

Which is a method protists use to reproduce sexually?

Fusion of gametes

Which eukaryotic supergroup is characterized by organisms like choanoflagellates?


What distinguishes Rhizaria from other supergroups?

Shell-like structures

Which supergroup includes red and green algae with photosynthetic abilities similar to land plants?


What can trigger the switch from asexual to sexual reproduction in protists?

Environmental stress

What is a key characteristic of Chytridiomycota in terms of reproduction?

They form zygospores during sexual reproduction.

Which phylum includes species like black bread mold?


What is the main role of fungi in various ecosystems?

Breaking down dead organic matter

Which phylum of fungi is characterized by the production of basidiospores on club-like basidia?


What distinguishes Glomeromycota in terms of reproduction?

They almost exclusively reproduce asexually.

In which phylum of fungi do yeasts and truffles belong?


What type of life cycle do fungi primarily have?

Primarily haploid with a transient diploid stage

Which process in fungal reproduction involves the fusion of cytoplasm between two different mating types?


What is a key similarity between fungi and animals in terms of metabolism?

Both store carbohydrates as glycogen

Which characteristic do fungi share with bacteria in terms of their role in ecosystems?

Absorption of nutrients across the cell surface

How do fungi primarily obtain nutrients for their survival?

Direct absorption through their hyphae

What characterizes asexual reproduction in fungi?

Formation of genetically identical spores

Learn about the diverse life cycles of protists, ranging from simple asexual reproduction to complex cycles involving sexual reproduction. Explore how some protists exhibit alternating phases of sexual and asexual reproduction, and adapt to different environmental conditions.

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