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Properties of a bar magnet and testing for magnetism

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What is the purpose of inserting a core of soft iron in an electromagnet?

To increase the strength of the magnetic field

What is the source of electricity used in a torch?

Dry cell

What is the purpose of using mains as the source of electricity for lighting a table lamp and running a refrigerator?

To power the appliances

What is a group of two or more cells called?


What materials pass electricity through them?


Which materials do not pass electricity through them?


In which direction does a freely suspended magnet rest?

North-south direction

What material are electromagnets made up of?

Soft iron

What is the purpose of an electromagnet in an electric bell?

To make and break the circuit

What is the source of electricity in a torch?

Dry cell

Learn about the properties of a bar magnet, including its attractive and directive properties, as well as how like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Discover that poles always exist in pairs. Test your knowledge on how to determine whether a given rod is a magnet or not.

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