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What is the formula for the speed of a projectile leaving Earth's surface?

(a) K log + V0

If a projectile leaves Earth's surface with a speed of $2rac{r_1}{r_2} imes rac{M}{m} g_re$, what would its speed be far away from Earth?

2 gRe

What is the percentage change in the acceleration of Earth towards the Sun during a total eclipse compared to when the Moon is directly opposite to the Sun?

A straight rod of length L extends from x = a to x = L + a. What is the gravitational force it exerts on a point mass m at x = 0 if the linear density of the rod µ = A + Bx^2?

(a) 2 gRe

If an artificial satellite moves in a circular orbit around Earth with a speed equal to half the escape velocity, what is the height (h) of the satellite above Earth's surface?


What is the formula for calculating the height of an artificial satellite moving in a circular orbit around Earth?


If a certain pendulum clock on Earth ticks 60 times in 1 minute, how many times will the same clock tick in 1 minute on the Moon?


What is the formula for the angular momentum of a satellite of mass $m_s$ revolving in a circular orbit of radius $r_s$ around the Earth of mass $M$?

$(2 E m_s r_s^2)$

Ignoring Earth's rotation and air resistance, what is the maximum altitude attained by a shell fired vertically from Earth?

$4NRE N^2$

What is the time period of a spy satellite orbiting a few hundred kilometers above Earth's surface if a geostationary satellite orbits at a radius of 36,000 km?

4 hr

In a region where the gravitational field is given by $I = -(K/r)$, what is the potential at a reference point $r = r_0$ with $V = V_0$?

$V_0 - K/r_0$

What is the escape speed for Earth denoted by $V_{esc}$ if a missile is fired vertically from its surface?

$G_m BL - 1/a + BLA + Aa$

Test your knowledge on projectile speed and acceleration in this quiz. Questions cover topics such as calculating speed far away from earth, percentage change in earth's acceleration towards the sun, and more.

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