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What does project management involve according to the text?

Application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project requirements

Who usually provides the direction and funding for a project?

Project sponsor

What is the main responsibility of project managers?

To facilitate the entire process to meet stakeholder needs

What do the triple constraints of project management include?

Scope Goal, Time Goal, Cost Goal

Who are defined as stakeholders in a project?

People involved in project activities or affected by them

Which of the following is NOT a key competency that project managers must develop?

Time Travel Techniques

What is the primary goal of project managers regarding the triple constraint?

Strive to meet scope, time, and cost goals while meeting stakeholder needs

What is necessary for a project to be considered temporary according to the text?

It has a unique purpose and is developed using progressive elaboration

What is the role of organizational culture in companies according to the text?

It can have an impact on companies' performance and behavior

What is the significance of having a primary customer or sponsor for a project?

They provide direction and funding for the project

Study Notes

Project Management Fundamentals

  • Project managers must possess knowledge and skills in 10 areas: integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management.

Super Tools and Project Success

  • "Super tools" are essential for project success, including software for task scheduling, scope statements, requirements analyses, and lessons-learned reports.

Project Success Factors

  • Three key reasons why federal technology projects succeed: adequate funding, staff expertise, and engagement from all stakeholders.

Organizational Structures

  • Three basic organization structures: functional, project, and matrix.
  • Matrix structure is a middle ground between functional and project structures, with personnel often reporting to two or more bosses.

Organizational Culture

  • Organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions, values, and behaviors that characterize an organization's functioning.
  • Culture can be a major underlying cause of problems in organizations.

Balanced Scorecard

  • A balanced scorecard converts an organization's value drivers into defined metrics, including customer service, innovation, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

Project Charter and Management

  • A project charter formally recognizes a project and provides direction on objectives and management.
  • Organizational process assets include formal and informal plans, policies, procedures, guidelines, and historical information.

Project Planning and Control

  • A project management plan coordinates all project planning documents to guide execution and control.
  • A change control system and change control board ensure controlled changes to official project documents and work.
  • Configuration management ensures accurate and complete descriptions of project products.

Project Attributes and Management

  • A project has a unique purpose, is temporary, and is developed using progressive elaboration.
  • Projects require resources and often have a primary customer or sponsor.
  • Project managers work with sponsors, teams, and stakeholders to meet project goals.

Project Management Definition and Goals

  • Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project requirements.
  • Project managers strive to meet the triple constraint (scope, time, and cost goals) and facilitate the entire process to meet stakeholder needs and expectations.

Stakeholders and Knowledge Areas

  • Stakeholders are people involved in or affected by project activities.
  • Knowledge areas describe the key competencies that project managers must develop.

Test your knowledge on the 10 project management knowledge areas and super tools that can enhance project success. Explore important concepts like project integration, stakeholder management, scope statements, and more.

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