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What is the purpose of a Business Case?

To provide a vision and justification for the project

Who can have an idea for a project according to the Terms of Reference?


What is the role of the Project Governance Authority?

To prioritize projects within a portfolio

Which type of product is identified as a governance product?

Business Case

Who is responsible for ensuring that project objectives and proposed solutions are appropriately aligned?

Business Analyst

What is the main difference between Terms of Reference and Business Case?

Terms of Reference aligns with objectives, while Business Case provides justification

Who is responsible for formally reviewing the business case at the end of each Project Increment?

Project Governance Authority

What is the role of the Business Analyst related to the Prioritised Requirements List (PRL)?

Produced for Project Governance Authority

What does the Prioritised Requirements List (PRL) describe?

Requirements that the project needs to address

Who is responsible for approving the Prioritised Requirements List (PRL)?

Business Visionary

What type of product is the Solution Architecture Definition (SAD)?

Evolutionary product

When does consideration of requirements for a project typically begin?

In Feasibility phase

What is the purpose of a Timebox Review Record in the context of DSDM?

To provide a formal auditable record of review comments from expert Business Advisors.

Who is responsible for producing the Role Produced by Team Leader in the Types of Reference (ToR)?

Project Governance Authority

What differentiates a milestone product from an evolutionary product in DSDM methodology?

Milestone products are developed at each Project Increment, while evolutionary products are updated based on feedback received.

Which role approves the Timebox Review Record as per the text provided?

Technical Coordinator

In a regulated environment, what makes the Timebox Review Record a governance product?

Formal auditable review comments from expert Business Advisors.

Test your knowledge on the formal review process that takes place at the end of each Project Increment to evaluate the justification for further work. Topics include Business Case, Role of Business Analyst, Prioritised Requirements List (PRL), and more.

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