Programming Concepts: Six Stages of Developing a Computer Program

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Which stage involves breaking down the problem into smaller steps?

Designing a solution to the problem

What is the first step in developing a computer program according to the text?

Defining the problem

Which stage involves determining what data is needed and how it should be manipulated?

Designing a solution to the problem

What comes after writing the program in developing a computer program?

Documenting the program

In which stage would you typically find the divide and conquer principle applied?

Designing a solution to the problem

Which stage involves understanding what information is required for a solution?

Defining the problem

What is the purpose of proper program documentation?

To guide programmers and system analysts during modifications

When is it important to describe the problem clearly?

During the problem definitions phase

Which is a crucial aspect during the planning phase of developing a computer program?

Producing flowcharts and pseudocode

What is an important component when maintaining a computer program?

Fixing errors or bugs promptly

Which documentation should include a description of the data inputs, outputs, and files used in a program?

Program description documentation

What should be included in the test data of a program?

Data used to test the program's functionality

What type of errors occur due to an improper use of program statements?

Semantic errors

When do runtime errors occur in a computer program?

After a program is running

What is the main purpose of debugging in software development?

To identify and fix errors in the program

Which stage of developing a computer program is related to ensuring the semantics are correctly implemented?


What is the primary reason for correcting programming errors promptly in a business environment?

To prevent disruptions to daily operations

Which type of error is indicated by the compiler during the code compilation process?

Syntax errors

Learn about the six stages involved in developing a computer program, including defining the problem, designing a solution, writing the program, testing and debugging, documenting, and maintaining the program. Explore different programming languages, interpreters, compilers, and paradigms.

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