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What is the historical significance of the year 27 BC in civil engineering?

Introduction of Roman Concrete

Which ancient structure is associated with the earliest practices of civil engineering?

Pyramids in Egypt

What was the purpose of the Appian Way, also known as the 'queen of the roads'?

Supply route between republican Rome and its allies in Capua

What materials were used to create Roman Concrete in ancient Rome?

Limestones and volcanic ash

Who was designated as the First Female Dean of College of Engineering and Architecture on November 18, 1998?

Engr. Vicky S. Cruz

What achievement was made for key engineering programs during the mentioned period?

Level I accreditation

Which initiative led to the renaming of the College to the College of Engineering?

Separating the Department of Architecture

Who secured a follow-up project for equipment assistance from JICA in 2007?

Dr. Manuel M. Muhi

What is the main reason behind the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 22's disagreement with the petitioners?

The court believes that civil engineers lack the explicit authority to sign architectural documents as per R.A. 544

Which area of expertise does CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT specifically focus on?

Application of technical, scientific, organizational, and management knowledge in construction supervision


Planning, organizing, control, and monitoring of a construction project

What is the focus of QA/Quality Assessment and QC/Quality Control in CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT?

Ensuring the quality and safety of construction processes and outputs

Test your knowledge of societal, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues relevant to professional engineering practice. Evaluate your understanding of applying appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools to complex problems, including prediction and modeling. Assess your knowledge of the limitations and responsibilities associated with engineering practice.

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