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If a random variable can take on an infinite number of values, it is known as a:

Continuous random variable

What does it mean if the probability of an event (P(A)) equals zero?

Event A will almost definitely not occur

In probability theory, what is the sum of probabilities for all possible outcomes in a statistical experiment equal to?


What is the probability of choosing a red marble from an urn with 10 marbles (2 red, 3 green, 5 blue) if one marble is randomly selected?

$2/10$ or $0.20$

How is the probability of an event expressed mathematically?

As a value between 0 and 1

What is the term used in probability theory to describe a trial repeated multiple times to get a set of outcomes?

Random Experiment

In the context of probability theory, what is a set of outcomes that forms a subset of the sample space called?


Which type of event in probability theory is affected by other events?

Dependent Event

What is the formal concept in probability theory used to describe the likelihood of the occurrence of an event?

Probability Distributions

Which type of events in probability theory cannot take place at the same time?

Mutually Exclusive Events

Test your knowledge on the fundamental concepts of probability theory, including sample space, probability distributions, and random variables. Learn about the likelihood of different outcomes in a random phenomenon and how to calculate the chances of specific events happening.

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