Principles of Management (AMS 111) - Managerial Definitions and Roles

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What is the primary purpose of conceptual skills for managers?

Analyze and diagnose complex situations

Which managerial skill is crucial for translating the goals set by top managers into specific details that lower managers can understand?

Technical skills

What is the main responsibility of top/upper managers?

Establishing organizational policies and philosophies

Which level of management is directly responsible for managing the activities of other managers and non-managerial employees?

Middle managers

What skill is essential for top managers to make decisions about the direction of the organization?

Decision-making skills

Which managerial skill is especially important for working effectively with other people in groups?

Interpersonal skills

What is the key difference between top managers and middle managers in terms of responsibilities?

Managing day-to-day activities vs. establishing policies

Which managerial skill is essential for lower and middle managers to have a good understanding of the job they are performing?

Technical skills

What role do first-line managers typically play in an organization?

Managing day-to-day tasks of non-managerial employees

What distinguishes top/upper managers from middle managers?

Establishing policies vs translating goals

Learn about the basic principles of management in the AMS 111 course. This quiz covers the definition of a manager, the different levels of management, and the roles and functions of managers.

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