Principles of Ecology Exam 3 Review

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When will the final exam for PCB 3043 Principles of Ecology be held?

Wednesday Dec 6th from 7:30-9:30 am

What will be the format of the 3rd exam for PCB 3043 Principles of Ecology?

Multiple-choice and True/False

How many points will the 3rd exam for PCB 3043 Principles of Ecology be worth?

90 points

Which chapters are included in the required text chapter readings for the 3rd exam of PCB 3043 Principles of Ecology?

Chapters 16, 18, 27

What is the consequence for arriving late to the final exam for PCB 3043 Principles of Ecology?

Having less than 2 hours to take the exam

What do community ecologists study?

Plants, animals, and microbes

What is the focus of community ecologists when studying communities?

Interactions between different species and community structure

How do community ecologists characterize communities based on species abundance?

By determining the relative abundance of each species

What is the rank abundance in the context of community ecology?

The order of each species' relative abundance from most abundant to least

What is expressed on the y-axis of rank-abundance curves for forest communities?

Relative abundance (expressed on a log10 axis)

Prepare for your Principles of Ecology Exam 3 with this review sheet covering lecture topics and required films/videos since the last exam. The exam will be multiple-choice and true/false, and will cover text chapter readings from Chapters 16, 18, and 27, with optional readings from Chapters 17 and 20-25. Get ready to ace the exam with this comprehensive review!

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