Principles of Botany: Plant Physiology - Imbibition

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What is the role of adsorption in imbibition?

Holding the imbibate by an attractive force

What is the primary factor affecting the capacity of imbibants for imbibing water?

Affinity of the imbibant for the imbibate

During imbibition, which process results in the heat of wetting?


Which of the following best describes the relationship between imbibition and osmosis?

Imbibition involves water absorption by solid substances, while osmosis involves movement of water through a semi-permeable membrane.

What distinguishes imbibition from diffusion?

Imbibition is a reversible process, while diffusion is an irreversible process.

What is the significance of imbibition in seed germination?

Imbibition is the first step of water absorption and aids in seed germination.

What is the primary consequence of imbibition on seeds?

Increased seed swelling

Which process dominates the initial stage of water absorption by roots?


What type of molecules can diffuse directly through the lipid bilayer in simple diffusion?

Nonpolar, hydrophobic molecules

Which substances cannot pass directly through the lipid bilayer in simple diffusion?

Glucose and water

Learn about imbibition, a type of diffusion where water is absorbed by solid particles known as colloids, causing a significant increase in volume. Explore the process and terms associated with imbibition in plant physiology.

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