Principles in Preparing Stocks Quiz

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What is the purpose of simmering bones and/or vegetables in a liquid to create stocks?

Why is it recommended to start making stock with cold water?

What happens if the bones are covered with hot water when preparing stock?

What should be done after bringing the stock to a simmer?

What is the main reason for using high heat when bringing the stock to a simmer?

Why are stocks often referred to as chef’s building blocks?

What is the purpose of simmering the stock gently?

When should mirepoix be added to the stock?

Why is it important to strain the stock carefully?

What is the purpose of cooling the stock quickly?

What is mirepoix?

What effect can excessive skimming have on the stock?

How should the finished stock be stored?

What happens if you allow the stock to boil instead of simmering?


Test your knowledge of principles in preparing stocks with this quiz. Understand the process of creating flavorful liquids by simmering bones and/or vegetables to extract flavor, aroma, color, body, and nutrients, which form the base for many soups and sauces.

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