Prime Ministers of Different Countries

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Who is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Rishi Sunak

In the UK, how is the Prime Minister chosen?

By the reigning monarch

Who was the Prime Minister of the UK before Rishi Sunak?

Liz Truss

How often are parliamentary elections held in India to determine the Prime Ministerial post?

Every 5 years

Which political party does Narendra Modi represent as the Prime Minister of India?

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

When did Narendra Modi first assume office as the Prime Minister of India?


Study Notes

Prime Ministers of Different Countries

The term 'Prime Minister' is used across many countries to refer to their head of government. Each country has its own history and traditions when it comes to who holds this position and what powers they have. Here we will explore some well-known examples from around the world:

United Kingdom

The UK's Prime Minister is chosen by the reigning monarch based upon the results of a general election. As of March 2024, Rishi Sunak holds the position after being appointed by Queen Elizabeth II following the resignation of Boris Johnson. His Conservative party won a majority in the House of Commons during the November 2022 General Election. Before him was Liz Truss, whose tenure lasted just over two months before she resigned due to loss of support among her MPs. Previous to her were Theresa May, David Cameron, Tony Blair etc., each with varying successes and challenges while leading the country through turbulent times including Brexit negotiations. The office of the Prime Minister in the UK dates back several centuries.


In India, the Prime Ministerial post rotates between political parties depending on which coalition wins parliamentary elections held every five years. Narendra Modi currently serves as the Prime Minister representing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 2014. He led his party to victory again in the 2019 elections before reclaiming power in 2022. Despite criticism regarding human rights violations under his administration, he remains popular domestically thanks to economic growth initiatives like demonetization and the Goods & Services Tax rollout.


Canada's federal system means there isn't one single national leader called 'the Prime Minister.' Instead, each province may appoint its Premier who becomes responsible for state matters within their respective region. Prime Mini

Explore the roles and histories of Prime Ministers in the United Kingdom, India, and Canada. Learn about how they are appointed, their responsibilities, and notable leaders who have held the position.

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