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What was Reagan's belief about a militarily strong America?

It would have discouraged Soviet adventurism.

What was one of the effects of Congress deregulating the banking industry?

Smaller banks found it difficult to hold their own against larger institutions.

How did deregulation impact airfares in the U.S.?

Airfares on high-traffic routes decreased dramatically.

What was one of the welfare programs that Reagan's administration cut spending on?

Job training for young people

What was the impact of Reagan's social service cuts on federal subsidies for child-care services?

They were eliminated for the working poor.

What did President Reagan promise to do when he took office?

Limit the role of the federal government in welfare, education, and housing

What was one of the outcomes of Reagan's economic policies?

Increased consolidation in businesses instead of competition

How did Reagan deal with the issue of declining capital investment according to the text?

By reducing tax rates to stimulate investment

What impact did Reagan's tax cuts have on the wealthiest Americans?

Their tax rates were substantially reduced to 28 percent

How did most Americans react to Reagan's decision to fire 15,000 striking air-traffic controllers?

They supported the firing and considered it a positive move

Test your knowledge on President Reagan's promises and policies when he took office, including defense, economic growth, federal government size, tax cuts, and deregulation.

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