Poverty 101: Defining and Understanding Poverty

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What is the primary focus of the Skills Development Initiative (SDI)?

Continuing education

In the Poverty Elimination System, what does VCM stand for?

Volunteer Case Manager

What income threshold is the program goal aiming to move households above?


What is the main purpose of the Family Mentorship Approach (FMP)?

To set and reach self-defined family goals

What is the focus of the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board Economic Services (AKEPB ES)?

Offering economic planning and small business initiatives

Which of the following is NOT one of the domains mentioned for a Family Development Plan?

Community Engagement

Who was involved in developing the goals and actions outlined in the Family Development Plan?

Both the family and the volunteer

Study Notes

Family Development Plan (FDP)

  • A Family Development Plan is created in partnership with the family, outlining their goals and actions in 7 domains
  • The 7 domains are: Education & ECD, Physical and Mental Health, Food and Nutritional Security, Housing and Habitat, Livelihoods, Access to Finance, and Social Inclusion and Agency

Family Mentorship Approach (FMA)

  • The Family Mentorship Approach is a dynamic process of engagement where families set and reach their own goals
  • The approach aims to make the family the holders of their destiny and develop self-reliance
  • The approach is based on a partnership between the family and the volunteer to achieve agreed-upon goals

Poverty Elimination System

  • The system provides Holistic Coordinated Case Management Services for Poverty and SSN cases through the Access Platform Case Management System
  • The system includes services such as Skills Development Initiative (SDI), Stigma-Free Platform, and Access to Finance
  • The primary focus is on continuing education and Quality of Life Volunteers (QLVs)

Program Goals

  • Identify and engage Ultra Poor (UP) and Poor (P) families
  • Build Family Development Plans focusing on the 7 domains
  • Move annual household income above $35,000, factoring in household size and cost of living in various cities
  • Prioritize UP & P families followed by AtRisk families

Learn about poverty, at-risk agenda, family mentorship approach, and family development plan. Explore program goals aimed at addressing poverty and improving the lives of families in need.

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