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The League of Nations and Disarmament

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Countries spent less on armaments in the the 1920s than they did before WWI

The message of this 1929 cartoon is that the League was doing a good job in getting countries to disarm.

The League Disarmament conference began in February 1932

The conference produced clear guidelines on how limits on weapons would be achieved.

The League conference succeeded in passing resolutions prohibiting the bombing of civilian populations, and prohibiting chemical warfare.

Countries agreed to ban the manufacture of chemical weapons

The Conference agreed that Germany should be permitted to rearm to the level of other League members.

Hitler (Chancellor from January 1933) was a big supporter of the Disarmament Conference.

Germany left the conference and the League in October 1933

By 1933 many people in Britain believed the Treaty of Versailles was unfair.

The atmosphere in the conference was one of increasing hope

The term to describe Britain's 'policy' towards German rearmament and breaking the Treaty of Versailles was 'appeasement'

In 1935 the British rejected an agreement preventing Germany from increasing he size of their navy compared to Britain's.


Test your knowledge on the changes in armament spending by countries after World War I. Explore how different countries adjusted their military budgets in the aftermath of the war.

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