Position Paper: Definition and Structure

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According to Martin (2017), what is one of the key considerations in choosing an issue or a topic?

The narrowness of the issue

What does Martin (2017) recommend after choosing a topic for research?

Conducting research on both sides of the argument

According to Martin (2017), why is it important to consider the audience when choosing a topic?

To tailor the topic to the audience's beliefs

What should the supporting evidence for a chosen topic include, as per Martin (2017)?

Factual knowledge and informed opinion

What is the main purpose of a position paper?

To convince the audience of the author's opinion

What is included in the body of a position paper?

The central argument, background information, and evidence supporting both sides of the issue

According to Valdez (2016), what is the main focus of a position paper?

Taking a stand on a significant community issue

What is the function of the conclusion in a position paper?

To restate the key points and suggest resolutions to the issue

According to Martin (2017), what should be done before composing a position paper?

Identify if the topic is relevant and plausible

How does Bowie State University (2019) describe the body of a position paper?

Contains background information, evidence, and refutation of arguments opposing the author's position

Learn about the definition and structure of a position paper, which involves discussing one side of an issue and presenting a critical examination of a position using facts and inductive reasoning. Explore the parts and components of a position paper to enhance your understanding of this form of academic writing.

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