Population Growth and Demography Overview

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What is one of the most basic factors in demography?


What is the death-rate?

The number of people who die per 1000 per year

What causes population growth or decline over a given period?

Difference between births and deaths

What does a natural increase in population mean?

More births than deaths

Before recent developments in agriculture, medicine, and industry, life was difficult primarily due to...

Inability to secure food sources

Which medical condition was almost always fatal before the days of modern surgery?


What factor contributed to the slow population growth before the discovery of modern medicine?

High birth-rate and low death-rate

What effect did new discoveries in medical science have on the death-rate?

Decreased the death-rate

What made it easier for parents in Western Europe after the Industrial Revolution to have fewer children?

Economic opportunities in towns and factories

What was a consequence of the acceleration in population growth in the 20th century?

Increased social and economic problems in developing countries

What is a major challenge in reducing the birth-rate according to the text?

Religious, social, and economic reasons

What must happen to halt population growth in less developed areas according to the text?

Raise the standard of living

Learn about the dramatic growth of the human population over the years and the basics of demography, such as the birth-rate and death-rate. Explore how the Earth's population has increased from 1.6 billion in 1900 to over 6.1 billion by the end of the century.

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