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In sociology and population geography, the term 'population' refers to:

What is the etymology of the word 'population'?

What does the Lincoln index calculate in ecology?

What is the meaning of 'population' in the context of ecology?

What is the significance of conducting a census in the context of population?

What is the area of a sexual population in ecology?

What term is used to describe a set of organisms in which any pair of members can breed together and exchange gametes?

Which geneticist is credited with showing how allele frequencies can be converted to genotype frequencies by expanding an appropriate quadratic equation?

What term describes the breaking up of a large sexual population into smaller overlapping sexual populations due to localization of gamete exchange?

What is quantified by the inbreeding coefficient (f or φ) in a population?

Which genetic process leads to the overall rise in homozygosity and is quantified by the inbreeding coefficient?

What is the term for the decrease in the mean phenotype of the gamodemes collection compared to the panmictic original?

Which procedure deliberately utilizes the effects of dispersion in plant and animal breeding?

What leads to the greatest genetic advance and is much more powerful than selection acting without attendant dispersion?

What term refers to the exchange of gametes reasonably uniformly within small actual gamodemes but virtually being separated from their neighboring gamodemes?

What leads to small actual gamodemes which exchange gametes reasonably uniformly within themselves but are virtually separated from their neighboring gamodemes?


Test your knowledge of population terminology with this quiz. This quiz covers the meaning of population in various contexts, including human, non-human animals, microorganisms, and plants, as well as its specific uses within fields like ecology and genetics.

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