Pompeii's People

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Which technology is allowing us to get a glimpse of real Roman life in Pompeii?

3D mapping

What was the population of Pompeii before the eruption of Vesuvius?

12,000 people

How did the stepping stones in Pompeii's streets serve a dual purpose?

They were used to keep Pompeian's feet dry from rainwater and to help carts navigate

Which industry put Pompeii's small-scale fish sauce suppliers out of business during Roman times?

Large-scale fish sauce production from Spain

Who was the Pompeian businessman responsible for expanding the fish sauce industry to compete with Spanish suppliers?

Umbricius Scaurus

What method do scientists use to create realistic models of Pompeii's residents who were buried under volcanic ash?

Pouring plaster into empty cavities

What is the purpose of creating a digital replica of Pompeii using laser scanners?

To preserve the city forever

Which technology did Professor Eric Poehler use to create a grid of Pompeii's transportation network?

3D mapping

What is the main reason why Pompeii has become the most famous archaeological site in the world?

Its preservation in volcanic ash

What does the wear on stone curbs in Pompeii suggest about the city's streets?

They were one-way streets

Which food item was NOT part of Pompeii's rich and varied diet?


What did scientists discover about the pigs raised in Pompeii?

They were fed a mixture of grains and meat

What caused the fish sauce vats in Pompeii to be filled in before the eruption?

The fish sauce suppliers went out of business

Uncovering Pompeii: Exploring Roman Life through Technology - Test your knowledge on the remarkable archaeological site of Pompeii and how modern technology is revealing new insights into the daily lives and tragic fate of its inhabitants. Discover the secrets of this ancient Roman city brought to light in Pompeii's People.

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