Pollen Tube Growth and Embryo Sac Development

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It’s better to have high diversity, NOT ______, to avoid the inability to adapt

Floral features and developmental timing promote ______

Self-incompatibility and morphological adaptations prevent ______

If unsterile, fertilization is ______

URF13 protein specific to CMS in maize encoded by the ______

Dichogamy prevents ______ in plants

S locus determines self/nonself recognition in ______

Two main categories: sporophytic and gametophytic ______

Male S-determinant is a cysteine-rich protein (SCR) located in the ______ coat

SRK (S-locus receptor kinase) is a serine/threonine receptor kinase located on ______ cells


Explore the process of pollen tube growth and embryo sac development in plants. Learn about the formation of specialized cells in the embryo sac and the role of different cell types in the process. Test your knowledge on plant reproduction.

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