Pollen Grain and Gynoecium Study in Botany

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What is the study of pollen grain known as?


What is the outer surface of a pollen grain highly variable in?


What is the individual member of the pistil called?


What are the two membranes that make up the exine of a pollen grain?

Outer thick and rough, inner thin and smooth

What is the swollen basal portion of the Pistil called?


What are the components that compose a pollen grain?

Carbohydrate, protein, fat, water

What is the substance called that covers the exine in insect-pollinated pollengrains?


What is the terminal portion of the Pistil that lies at the tip of the style called?


What is the upward outgrowth of the Ovary seen in multicarpellary, unilocular pistils?


What is the process of formation of male gametophyte from microspore called?


What encloses the embryosac and provides nourishment to the developing embryo?


What connects ovules to the Placenta or Ovary wall?


What is the narrow passage that helps in the entry of the pollentube?


Which structure in angiosperms consists of a vegetative cell and two male gametes?

Pollen tube

What is the female gametophyte that contains the egg apparatus, antipodial cell, and polar body called?

Embryo sac

What is the place of origin of the integument or basal swollen part of the nucellus called?


What is the formation of the megaspore mother cell called?


What is the group of parenchymatous tissue that connects the ovary with the ovule called?


In which type of ovule do the micropyle and chalaza lie on either side of the funicle?


What does the term 'Syncarpous' refer to in relation to the pistil structure?

Fusion of carpels

Which type of ovule has the micropyle facing upwards with an elongated funicle showing unilateral growth?


What is the defining feature of an Apocarpous pistil?

Free carpels

Which type of ovule has the micropyle near the hilum and facing downward towards the placenta?


What causes the Ovule to be inverted in Anatropous ovules?

Curvature of the funicle

What is the term used to describe a flower that is divided longitudinally in two similar halves in any plane passing through the center?


Where is the ovary located in a flower with perigyny?

Around all other floral parts

Which type of flower has an ovary that is below other floral parts?


What is the term for the formation of microspores or pollen grains inside microsporangia?


Which type of anther consists of 4 microsponangia in two anther lobes?


What type of flower has an ovary that is superior?


Explore the world of pollen grains and gynoecium with this quiz, covering topics like polynology, outer surface variations, and the structure and function of the female reproductive organ. Perfect for students of botany at Gyanvikash Junior College.

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