Political Socialization and Culture Quiz

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What is the primary role of family in political socialization?

Which of the following is NOT an agent of political socialization?

What is one of the functions of political socialization mentioned in the text?

Which group is responsible for perpetuating a society's political culture?

What is the main purpose of supporting the political system, as mentioned in the text?

Which of the following is a secondary agent of political socialization?

What distinguishes the 'how' from the 'what' of the government in the context of public policy?

According to Utilitarianism, how is 'good' typically equated?

What is the primary focus of Public Policy?

How is a Decision defined based on the text?

In what way does Utility measure satisfaction?

What does the Principle of Social Utility evaluate?


Test your knowledge on the process through which individuals acquire political values and beliefs, as well as how societies perpetuate their political culture. Explore primary and secondary agents of socialization, such as families, schools, workplace, peer groups, and media.

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