Political Science: The Concept of the State

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According to Max Weber, what does the state successfully claim the monopoly of within a given territory?

What is the dominant form of political organization in the world today?

What differentiates the state from government?

What signaled the most active period of state formation after World War II?

How many states exist in the world today?

Which term refers to political entities that won independence from a colonial power but doesn’t control much of their territory?

What is a common feature shared by all states according to the text?

In which country did the outbreak of a civil war in 1991 lead to the collapse of the central government and the emergence of several competing factions?

What is the core of democracy according to the provided text?

What is a feature of democratic rule according to the text?

In which ancient city-state was direct democracy the dominant form of rule according to the text?

What does a quasi-state lack according to the text?

In which continent are most full democracies found according to the text?

What is a requirement for a democratic form of government according to the provided text?

What category is recognized by the international community to have all the rights of states according to the text?

What emerged in Somalia following the outbreak of a civil war in 1991?

In a unitary system of government, how does the national government relate to regional and local government?

What proportion of the world's population resides in countries that are constitutionally established as federations?

What is the primary difference between a unitary state and a federal state?

What percentage of member states in the United Nations are unitary countries?

How does the internal relationship within a unitary state differ from that in a federal state?

What proportion of the world's population resides in unitary member states of the United Nations?

In a unitary system, where does the most substantial political issues tend to be focused?

What is the main characteristic of regional units in federal systems?

What is the common unit of analysis in comparative politics?

Which type of government has sovereignty lying ultimately with the national government?

In what type of systems does the national legislature usually have only one chamber?

What type of structure has naturally emerged in societies with a history of rule by sovereign monarchs and emperors?

Where are unitary structures also the norm in smaller democracies?

What has been an effort in recent decades in many unitary states?

What is a main characteristic of federalism?

What is the goal of decentralization in unitary systems?


Explore the concept of the state in political science, from its historical origins to modern formations. Learn about the emergence of the modern state and its significance in the post-colonial era.

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