Political Science in Science and Technology UPSC and BPSC Exam

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Which field of study is not mentioned in the text?

Which subject area is specifically related to civil services exams?

Which two areas are mentioned that are often associated with advancements and governance?

किस क्षेत्र का उल्लेख टेक्स्ट में नहीं है?

कौन-सा विषय काफी संबंधित है नागरिक सेवा परीक्षाओं से?

कौन-से दो क्षेत्रों का उल्लेख है, जो प्रगति और शासन सुधारों से संबंधित होते हैं?


Test your knowledge of political science in the context of science and technology for UPSC and BPSC exams with this quiz. Explore key concepts and theories related to the intersection of political science and technology.

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