Political Communication and Influence of Media Quiz

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What does political communication study?

How is modernization evaluated in certain communities?

What is the relationship between the political system and the communication system?

What is the main focus of political communication?

Which factor is considered as a sign of elevated communication in modernized communities?

How do most political actions relate to communication?

Which of the following is considered the most basic and effective type of political communication for reinforcing political opinions?

What is the term for personal campaigning by direct speaking to an audience?

What is the primary source of information referred to in the context of mass media?

Which type of mass media includes most electronic broadcasting mediums?

What does the term 'mass media' refer to?

What factor affects the use of mass media according to the text?

What is the term used for communication through personal contact?

What does the term 'stump' mean in the context of political communication?

What is considered the primary mass media starting from 2010 till now according to the text?

What does the term 'mass media' include starting from 2010 till now according to the text?


Test your knowledge of political communication and the influence of television and social media on the political process with this quiz. Explore definitions, types, and key concepts related to political communication.

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