The Radical Perspective

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According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which of the following best represents the social order?

What concept did Karl Marx propose as the driving force in shaping all aspects of society?

According to Edward Bernstein, what was the primary reason for advocating for revisionism?

Which concept did Thorstein Veblen introduce as a new addition to social classes?

Who is credited with leading the first social revolution in 1917?

What is the primary responsibility of a vanguard party according to Vladimir Lenin?

What did Karl Marx suggest could emerge out of a capitalist society?

According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, what represents the social order based on majority rule?

What does Thorstein Veblen associate with restoring the dynamism of societies?

What did Edward Bernstein suggest could make the revolution more democratic?


Test your knowledge of political and philosophical theories with this quiz covering the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx. Explore concepts such as participatory democracy, popular sovereignty, totalitarianism, and economic determinism.

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